Wedding Photography & Prints

The importance of Wedding Photography 

Traditional wedding photography is when a couple poses for a photograph sitting still. Sometimes it is called classic wedding photography. It has been the norm for many years and focuses on portrait production. In fact, it is very technical, based on lighting and sharpness. Nowadays, people are more interested in taking more spontaneous photography. Modern pros can produce something more artistic, and the couple can relax.

Regardless of which style of wedding photography you choose, print the photos. Quality art prints london will ensure the memories of your ceremony remain in display in your new home.

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Why have professional photos at a wedding?

In 2021 and beyond, almost all wedding guests have their own digital cameras. Anyone can produce well-exposed pictures at a minimal cost. In fact, the same digital revolution has also reached wedding photographers. 

Today's professional wedding photos narrate a story. They illustrate the emotion of the day. As it unfolds, without intervening. Think of it as having a photojournalist documenting the event. Your photographer will shadow you throughout your day. This person, ideally, is discreet and low-profile. They should blend into the background. 

Traditionally, the wedding photographer acts as a photography director coordinating the poses. The result tends to be good because everyone is looking their sharpest. But we all know that person who cannot smile naturally for a photo. Relying on a single style of photos can be a problem.

Professional wedding photos, regardless of style, use modern cameras and lenses. In this case, photographers do not need to wait for the couple to stand still. This opens up the possibility for candid photos and clear wedding pictures.

Wedding photographers today strive for creativity, based on their perceptions. The results are more emotional and transmit the essence of the day. They also add unique venues to diversity the backgrounds. Less strict rules results in photographers also challenging themselves to improve their abilities.

In your ceremony, it is likely you will want a mixture of photography styles. Make sure to look the photographer's recent portfolio to make sure they are the best for your needs. Look at an entire wedding to be sure the quality is consistent. Formal photographs show the couple and their families at their best. Candid photographs are authentic and bring a smile to everyone's faces. It is also discreet and unobtrusive. A good professional will be able to shoot photos on both styles as needed.

It is also interesting to program the photo shoot in advance. This will vary according to your style and the venue you chose. The wedding itself is very fast. This is why good photographers visit the venue beforehand. This way they can think about camera angle alternatives and effective lighting.

Finally, the big question: colour or black and white?

Reportage wedding photography works much better in black and white. When the image has no colour, your eyes are more drawn towards what actually happens within the photo. Colour can be distracting. Black and white also creates a nostalgic, timeless feel. It is the perfect compliment to a photo showing intimate or emotional moments.